The Employee Management Success System

Happy AND Productive Employees? Yes! The Employee Management Success System with Leisa Reid helps you achieve both! You will learn the Step-by-Step Secrets of a Successful Manager and begin to Increase Your Free Time and Reduce Your Stress as a Manager.

  • Tap Into Your Successful Manager Mindset
  • Overcoming 3 Deadly Manager Mistakes
  • Gain Team Commitment Through Quality Communication
  • Become a Master Delegator
  • Turn Your Staff’s Sense of Value into Massive Productivity
  • Develop Management Systems to Save you Time, Money and Stress

Leisa Reid is a Speaker, Trainer and Business Consultant. In the Employee Management Success System, Leisa shares her 20+ years of insider secrets to managing employees to success.

After receiving her Masters in Speech Communication in the 90’s, Leisa brought her expertise in communication to her roles as an executive leader, business owner and sales professional. As the Founder of Employee Management Consulting, she provides profitable solutions that dramatically reduce costly employee turnover and teaches proven strategies to increase employee retention.EMSS System Product bundle hi-res

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