Keynotes, Seminars and Presentations by Leisa Reid

The Key Secrets of Employee Management Success

Uncover what causes the high cost of employee turnover.  Discover the solutions to avoid employee turnover and the importance of creating an employee retention system. Learn the importance of developing strategic systems in your work environment.  Transform your perspective of management in order to bring ease, efficiency and productivity into the workplace. 

Develop an understanding of a key component that will create loyal, trustworthy employees. Recognize the scary truth that could be costing you thousands of dollars and hours of wasted time.

During this insightful presentation, Leisa Reid, founder of Employee Management Consulting, shares how to reduce stress, reduce expenses and reduce the time spent on unnecessary re-hiring. You will learn how to shave hours off of your work schedule through easy-to-implement solutions.

There are secrets to management success that no longer need to be a secret. My goal is for each one of my clients to have a successful career with systems in place to save them time, money and stress.

Leisa Reid

Learn How To:
  • Understand the challenges that come with employee management
  • Bring balance into your work life and save money, time and stress
  • Implement a full circle approach to employee retention
  • Start developing systems to decrease stress and increase productivity

Deadly Mistakes Managers Make When Hiring And How To Avoid Them

Discover the costliest mistakes managers make when hiring new employees. Learn why it’s so important to consistently develop an effective management system to excel as a team manager.  Uncover the key components of creating clear expectations for your staff.  Discover the biggest secrets of success from management leaders who excel in this area and how you can too.

During this insightful presentation, Leisa Reid, founder of Employee Management Consulting, will share her 20+ years of insider secrets to managing employees so that you can save the time, money and stress associated with hiring and firing.

To be a successful manager it is critical that you hire correctly. The wrong hire will cost you money and hours of wasted time and frustration.

Leisa Reid

Learning Points:
  • Recognize the importance of consistent interview strategies
  • Understand the challenges that come with management
  • Bring clarity to your expectations as a leader
  • Implement a conscious communication strategy
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