Most people haven’t experienced the coldness of 65 degrees below zero.  Growing up in Fairbanks, Alaska, Leisa Reid is no stranger to thriving in less than desirable conditions.  She came to Orange County, California over 20 years ago, and after earning her Masters Degree in Speech Communication she taught Interpersonal Communication for California State University, Fullerton at the ripe age of 22. 

Leisa continued in the field of higher education and was the Director of Education for a college by 27.  She loved working with people, managing projects and creating systems that would provide a quality experience for the students, faculty and the organization as a whole. 

Having a passion for entrepreneurialism, Leisa opened up her own day spa in 2003.  As a business owner she oversaw the branding, marketing, hiring, training, inventory, bookkeeping and so much more. During this time she recognized that small business owners worked a lot of hours and had to be “good” at many different skill sets.  That’s when she began developed systems for her business that made it run smoothly, effectively and more profitably.  But at the time, she had no idea she would some day be teaching other businesses what she had learned; helping them to also systemize for increased productivity and profits.

After selling her first business, Leisa re-entered the higher education field and became the Senior Director of Admissions for a University.  Not surprisingly, she encountered the same challenges she had in the past in terms of management.  She jumped into the role with minimal training, was constantly re-hiring and training all while trying to balance production goals working 60+ hours a week.  Again, she created systems that shaved hours off of her week.  Her time was much more productive, and she empowered her employees through positive team delegation.

The challenges and successes that Leisa encountered along her career in management are what prompted her to develop her newest company, Employee Management Consulting.  She realized that through education and training, she could help other business owners and managers significantly reduce the time, money and stress they were incurring on the job.  Leisa’s passion is teaching others and inspiring them to develop more productive teams and employees who remain happy and rewarded in the workplace.

As the Founder of Employee Management Consulting, Leisa provides profitable solutions that dramatically reduce costly employee turnover. She also teaches proven strategies to increase employee retention and business productivity.

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