Effective Employee Management is the KEY to Saving Your Organization Time and Money!

Studies reveal the estimated cost of replacing an employee is up to 200% of their annual salary!

As the time and money invested in hiring increases, something else increases too … your stress level!  Unfortunately, your responsibilities don’t disappear simply because you have to hire someone.  It leaves you with an enormous amount of time and money invested in recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training new employees.

If losing employees costs so much time and money, why is it still a big problem?  Because, there is a missing gap in the world of management! 

For example, people are often promoted to management because they are high performers in their previous job.  This high performance does not necessarily mean they have had any management training.  Often they are “thrown into” the managerial role and left to figure it out on their own.  And if there is any training it tends to be industry related and not typically focused on managing, leading, developing, delegating, or employee retention.

This is where the missing gap comes into play!
It’s no wonder we are losing quality employees and
working 60+ hours a week with no end in sight!

Employee Management Consulting offers personalized solutions to retain quality employees and significantly reduce your time and money spent on hiring.  Effective systems are developed to close the gap and allow you to manage with less stress.

We offer education and consulting to help managers become more successful by effectively leading, inspiring and developing quality employees that stay with your organization. These skills allow your team to become more successful and more balanced while increasing your bottom line.

The Employee Management Success System Teaches You How To:
  • Reduce Costly Employee Turnover as a Leader, Manager or Business Owner
  • Increase Employee Retention
  • Communicate Effectively and Timely with your Employees
  • Recognize your Employees Authentically
  • Discover Valuable Resources
  • Save Time and Reduce Stress through a Strategic Delegation Process
  • Create a System of Appreciation that Turns your Staff into Raving Loyal Fans
Leisa's ability to lead and motivate groups from diverse backgrounds is uncanny and not easily matched. She taught me how to lead by example and how to maximize my productivity while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Germaine Garcia-Kaufman, Senior Director of Admissions

Leisa taught me the power of delegation and how I could use it to limit my stress level and maximize the resources I had available. I was able to save time, be productive and meet deadlines easily!

Lisa Sienkiewicz, Community Outreach Specialist, MACP

Losing Quality Employees Could Be Costing Your Organization a Fortune … Discover the Secrets of Effective Managers and Start Reducing Your Cost and Stress Today!

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